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DongBang Medical

“We will become a bright light of the East by becoming a leading company based on leading quality that leads social contribution for the human race.” – KIM Geun-sik, CEO


Dongbang Medical, since establishment in 1987, has been a medical device producer under strict quality standards such as KGMP, ISO, CE and FDA. Dongbang Medical will continue to be a medical leader through creation, innovation and convergence. We promise to become a satisfactory and faithful company to customers by fulfilling our responsibilities as a medical device producer in charge of life and health of people.

Our company, DongBang Acuprime, in partnership with DongBang Medical have shared a long and prosperous relationship, where DongBang Medical have manufactured high quality Acupuncture needles and DongBang Acuprime have sold them throughout Europe as the Exclusive European Distributor for the DongBang brand. This successful partnership ensures that DongBang Acuprime can continue to remain as a trusted supplier of premium Acupuncture supplies throughout Europe and beyond.

Acupuncture range

Moxibustion range

Cupping range