What labels do I need to include when you collect my guide tubes?

Please cut out 2 labels from the box of needles you would like to receive back and include them when we pick up your guide tubes. We will use these as well as your order history as proof of purchase.

See image below for where to cut:

Front of box

Front Label

Side of box

Side Label

What guide tubes will you collect?

We will collect any guide tubes that you have purchased from us.

What do I put my guide tubes in when you collect them?

We ask you to please place your guide tubes (and tabs if applicable) in recyclable packaging for our courier to collect. We are more than happy to include a free recyclable envelope in your next order when you are close to reaching the minimum required weight.

What does AcuPrime do with the discarded guide tubes?

We have partnered up with Devon Contract Waste who will recycle these guide tubes for us. They will be broken down and used to create new outdoor products. Take a look at their catalogue here. 

Why cant you just replace the plastic guide tubes with a recyclable material instead?

We have spent a lot of time researching other sustainable materials to use instead of plastic for our own guide tubes, but most methods are either not cost effective or have ethical implications such as the manufacturing of bamboo, where there have been reports of child labour in certain parts of the world.

We found this approach was the best step forward for us all and the environment.

Who can use this programme?

At the moment this offer is only available to customers in the UK.

As always, nothing would be possible without the support of our customers so we urge you to take part in this project and help us combat plastic waste one guide tube at a time.

If you would like to know more about this project and how to help, you can contact us using the info below.