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Sedatelec, created in 1978, is an incorporated company with a capital of 160 000 euros specialized in the design and distribution of medical equipment.

Located in FRANCE, near LYON, it employs 20 people and exports about 75% of its production to Europe and the rest of the world.

Right from the beginning, Sedatelec has collaborated with Dr Paul Nogier to design, manufacture and market the material required to perform auricular acupuncture. Dr Paul Nogier, a neurophysiologist fascinated by acupuncture, homeopathy and psychology, demonstrated that certain points on the external ear corresponded to organs or systems and that their distribution corresponded to the image of an inverted foetus. This representation, now recognized world-wide, is the basis for the practice of Auriculotherapy.

More than 20 years ago, Sedatelec developed the ASP, a semi-permanent sterile needle for the ear. It also created the first electronic devicesdesigned for physicians performing these medical techniques.

Several years later, it launched the DN, the first sterile disposable acupuncture needle, thereby extending its market to acupuncture and then gradually to other forms of alternative medicine.

In 2009, Sedatelec innovated once again, with the marketing of the Modulo range, the first range of multifunction modular appliances, and the Premio 10 moxa, an electronic “moxa-like” device that is especially effective.

As a result of the development and diffusion of Auriculotherapy then Auriculomedicine, the second technique developed by Dr Nogier, the activity of Sedatelec has developed and is continuing to extend throughout the world.

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