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Product code: DBA212

Morning Star Japanese Incense

£3.57 excl. VAT

Pack of 50 sticks + ceramic support. 18 different scents to choose from. Amber: pungent odour, warm and earthy Cinnamon: helps concentration Cedar: strengthening and clarifying, promotes courage and pride Fig: helps to calm Gardenia: treats infections Green Tea: helps digestion, slowing down your breathing Iris: good for meditations Lavender: disinfectant, balancing the nervous system Lotus: helps rebuild all the chakras Mimosa: anti-depressant and de-stressing Musk: for security and trust Patchouli: aphrodisiac, keeps away negative influences Pine: purification, calm, inspires and courage Rose: for love and inner peace Sandalwood: calms nervous tension and anxiety Vanilla: meditate and to harmonize the inside with the outside Yuzu: uplifting, refreshing and fortifying