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Strictly Professional

In 1989 Richard Appleby set about making a step change in the professional beauty market. Through diligence and an insatiable appetite for knowledge he championed the cause for all beauty industry professionals and put in place the necessary products and infrastructure to serve them specifically. The result is that we have a complete range of products formulated using quality ingredients, which have themselves been tried and tested over the course of time.

Our network of knowledgeable distributors and our customer care team all work hard to ensure that you are completely serviced and satisfied. We also have a diligent group of partners who ensure that our products remain current and compliant to all the latest EC standards.

Obtaining our products is easy. We have a comprehensive network of distributors throughout the UK and Ireland with a growing International network covering Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic’s stretching down to the Mediterranean. It is important to only buy our products from authorised stockists to ensure that you get the quality and customer care you deserve.

Physiotherapy range