Celebrate the Mind-Body Connection this World Acupuncture Day

world acupuncture day

Did you know the 15th November is World Acupuncture Day?

Times are changing in Western medicine and it couldn’t come soon enough. Modern medicine has transformed the global healthcare scene, made discovery after discovery in life-saving interventions and wiped out or reduced many diseases. But it’s done so while mostly ignoring the mind-body connection, a connection that has remained at the core of ancient medicine systems. 

World Acupuncture Day is organised by UNESCO and the World Health Organisation (WHO) to emphasise the efficacy and heritage of acupuncture, particularly in the West where it’s less commonly used. This day is a perfect time for practitioners to draw in new clients, provide offers, and help educate others about the place of acupuncture in everyday healthcare.

The mind-body connection

While modern Western medicine tends to treat the mind and body as separate things, there’s an increasing amount of evidence proving that they’re inherently intertwined and that you cannot treat the body entirely without understanding what’s happening in the mind. Ancient practices like acupuncture have continued to create balance between the mind and body, which is one of the reasons the practice is spreading widely in the Western world. 

Acupuncture has been adopted into Western medicine, allowing each practice to emphasise its own balance of priorities. Some clinics offer particularly Westernised treatments, focusing on physical symptoms, while others continue acupuncture’s traditional aim of treating the individual as a whole. 

From a mind-body connection point of view, acupuncture understands that physical symptoms are often caused by imbalances in the mind or a disruption of the mind-body connection. Our bodies tell us what’s wrong and acupuncture practitioners are experts at interpreting those messages. For instance, excessive worrying can commonly show up as digestive troubles. 


Using World Acupuncture Day to promote your practice

Despite acupuncture having been used in Western medicine for some time now, there’s still a lack of understanding about what it is and what it can treat. As World Acupuncture Day is in part the brainchild of the WHO, a widely respected organisation in the West, it’s a perfect time to increase messaging about the adaptability of acupuncture treatments. 

In particular, this is the perfect time to emphasise the holistic approach acupuncture takes and how it can support and improve mental health – a topic more important than ever. Educating existing and potential clients about the mind-body connection that acupuncture facilitates is one of the fastest ways to help your audience find the support they need. 

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