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How to Use Moxa Cones for Moxibustion (and Why)

Moxa cones are easy tools for moxibustion practices and come in a few different types. These little cones can be used in conjunction with acupuncture needles or directly on the skin and can free you up to do other things while your patient is relaxing. Read on to find out more about moxa cones and why they’re essential for every moxibustion practice.

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How to Store Moxa and Chinese Medicinal Herbs and Why it’s Important

Moxa and herbs are an intrinsic part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and ayurvedic health systems but improper storage can reduce their efficacy and be a burden on your wallet. These products are carefully prepared and dried but often don’t come with particularly good storage guidance.  

We’re going to take a quick look at how to store these herbs properly so you can make the most of them. 

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What Place Does Complementary and Holistic Healthcare Have in Modern Society?

Modern medicine has transformed human and technological progress, allowing our population to rise, become stronger and to live healthier lives. With pain relief, development of vaccines and extraordinary reduction in infections and as well as disease control and treatment, modern medicine is the reason we live such relatively comfortable lives.

But modern medicine has a treatment-first approach. While this is life-changing and life-saving in many situations, it does not address all of healthcare and largely ignores prevention. In short, modern medicine is vital but it cannot do everything by itself.

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Moxibustion and Breech Babies: an Overview

A type of heat therapy used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), moxibustion is becoming more widely offered across the NHS and in private practice here in the UK, particularly in the case of breech babies.

So how can moxibustion therapy cause babies to shift into the right position, just in time for birth? We’re going to take a look at this question so you can work out whether moxibustion is a service you could begin offering in your practice.

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Not So Simple: Understanding How Hand Sanitiser Works and When You Should Be Using It

Ah, the beloved anti-bac, tiny bottles of magic that linger in the bottom of our bags whenever we go on holiday, out for a picnic or, let’s face it, to the bowling alley. Since early 2020 though, hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial gel have been big business as everyone tries to find a way to keep their coronavirus exposure to a minimum.

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