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How the NHS People Plan Could Transform AHP Careers

Whether you’re in private practice or working for the NHS (or both!), changes in the industry have a habit of filtering down and creating real change in healthcare. The latest news from the NHS could be hugely beneficial for healthcare workers as it finally starts taking notice of the needs and welfare of its staff.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shone a light on the healthcare and medical industries like never before. Sure, most people had a deep respect for doctors before, but the pandemic has revealed the hundreds of other, perhaps overlooked, job titles within the sector, all who have put themselves at risk for the wellbeing of others.

What Place Does Complementary and Holistic Healthcare Have in Modern Society?

Modern medicine has transformed human and technological progress, allowing our population to rise, become stronger and to live healthier lives. With pain relief, development of vaccines and extraordinary reduction in infections and as well as disease control and treatment, modern medicine is the reason we live such relatively comfortable lives.

But modern medicine has a treatment-first approach. While this is life-changing and life-saving in many situations, it does not address all of healthcare and largely ignores prevention. In short, modern medicine is vital but it cannot do everything by itself.

Allied Health Professionals and Rehabilitation in the Post-Covid World

Illness is difficult enough as it is and it would be nice to think that the moment our bodies have rid themselves of disease, we’re up and ready to get back to our lives. Except that is so rarely the case, as every allied health professional knows.

Even the common cold can leave us feeling tired and sluggish once it’s packed its bags and moved onto the next person. Flu can be debilitating and cancer can have physical and mental effects lasting years after it’s been ousted from our person.

Why Resistance Bands are a Perfect Tool to Keep Seniors Active

Without the movement and exercise that may have previously kept seniors active, many may be suffering significant pain, discomfort, stiffness and inflexibility as a result. Physios, masseuses, acupuncturists and osteopaths might see an uptick in appointment requests from previously healthy individuals, now seeking help.

How to Choose a Healthcare Career You’ll Love

The healthcare industry is absolutely open to all, no matter how academic you were in school or what setting you like to work in. In healthcare, you could be working in large, multidisciplinary teams or by yourself, from a private clinic. You might be working as part of a non-healthcare organisation, like a sports team or the armed forces, or you might be working in a centre of healthcare, like a hospital.

One of the hardest things when it comes to working in healthcare is deciding where in the industry you want to work in the first place!

Moxibustion and Breech Babies: an Overview

A type of heat therapy used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), moxibustion is becoming more widely offered across the NHS and in private practice here in the UK, particularly in the case of breech babies.

So how can moxibustion therapy cause babies to shift into the right position, just in time for birth? We’re going to take a look at this question so you can work out whether moxibustion is a service you could begin offering in your practice.

How You Can Use Personal Protection Equipment and Sanitisers

It’s clear – the pandemic isn’t going anywhere. No matter what the current situation is, there are steps that each and every one of us can take though, in both our personal and professional lives. These steps help reduce the risk to ourselves and to others. It’s not just Covid-19 that gets stopped by good hygiene practices either – when was the last time you had a cold?

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World First Aid Day: Are you up on your First Aid?

Each September, World First Aid Day comes around to remind us that first aid isn’t just for a special few, it should be accessible to all. This year, it falls on 12th September and, after such a challenging year, maybe it’s time we refreshed ourselves on the humanitarian role each and every one of us can play in society.