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Building Sustainability into the Acupuncture Industry

Harmonious products for a harmonious treatment Acupuncture is designed to work in harmony with the human body. As a result, it’s important that this holistic form of treatment works in harmony with nature as well. As a provider of acupuncture supplies, it’s important to us that our products are increasingly sustainable as the technology allows […]

How We’re Reducing Plastic Waste in the Acupuncture Industry

Have you ever paused in the supermarket’s vegetable aisle, hand hovering above a plastic bag of carrots? Do these really need to be in plastic? Or perhaps you’ve bought a toothbrush, or some individually wrapped snacks, and felt dejected by the sheer amount of plastic that mounts up. We’re all hyper-aware of plastic waste and […]

What is Holistic Healthcare and Why is it Important?

The term ‘holistic healthcare’ gets a lot of airtime but what does it actually mean? What kinds of approaches does it take? And most importantly, where does it stand in relationship to Western clinical medicine and healthcare? In this post, we’ll be taking a look at what holistic healthcare is and why it’s so important.