What is Sujok Acupressure?

What is Sujok? Su jok (or Sujok) is a fantastic type of acupressure to practice in your clinic and to teach your patients to perform at home. In this post, we take a quick look at what it is, how to practice it and the tools you need to get started.

If you’re an acupuncture or general alternative health practitioner, you may well have heard of Sujok (or, Su Jok). This type of acupressure is a great service to offer your patients as it’s non-invasive, suitable for most patient types and takes little equipment to perform. 

Interested to know more? In this post, we’ll be taking a quick dive into Sujok. 

A Korean acupressure system

‘Su’ is Korean for ‘hand’ while ‘jok’ means ‘foot’. As you might’ve guessed, Sujok is a type of acupressure only applied to the hands and feet. Much like reflexology, the Sujok system follows a specially-designed chart that shows which part of the hands and feet correspond to various organs and parts of the body. 

Pressure in Sujok is usually applied using the hands or acupressure tools such as blunt acu sticks and even blunt needles. Like auriculotherapy, seeds or black peppercorns are often used as well, which are taped and massaged at the right point for the issue. Thanks to the requirement for such basic tools, Sujok is not only easy to practice in your clinic, but it’s also easy to teach to your patients. This allows them to self-treat at home, saving them time and cost. 

How quickly does the treatment work?

Sujok can relieve symptoms as quickly as immediately, depending on the issue. Headaches, menstrual cramps and many other common minor ailments can be aided with Sujok in no time at all. This is one of its greatest benefits: safe, fast relief. 

Tools for Sujok

As Sujok is non-invasive and doesn’t require the patient to undress except to remove shoes and socks, it’s excellent for sensitive patients and even children too. The tools you can use are varied and, to an extent, you can use what you have at hand. It’s ideal to have dedicated Sujok tools though, as you’ll be able to easily sterilise them and use them throughout the long term. 

To get started, why not learn from Sujok’s inventor? Dr Jae Woo Park created the Sujok system, blending together other practices and finely tuning his ideas. Part of his desire to create and write about the system was to empower everyday people to be able to heal themselves and his books can be read by laypeople and practitioners alike. 

His titles are: 

  1. Be Your Own Su Jok Doctor
  2. Su Jok for Everybody
  3. Su Jok Seed Therapy

Physical tools include blunted probes that are quite finely tipped to allow you to easily target specific acupoints. Sujok rings are also popular tools, particularly for self-healing. You can direct your patients on how to roll the ring up and down the finger to provide fast relaxation or to reinvigorate the mind. 

Get started

It’s simple to get started offering Sujok treatments and encouraging your patients to treat some types of discomfort at home using these techniques. Get started with one of Dr Park’s books and you’re well on your way!

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