Laser and TENS Acupuncture 10: Non-invasive options

Whilst needle acupuncture is a firm favourite for many patients, the idea of needles is a barrier to treatment for many more. Be it a needle phobia or fear of pain or simply concern about tissue damage, plenty of people who might benefit from acupuncture will avoid it. But acupuncture doesn’t have to involve needles at all, or even direct pressure such as in gua sha acupuncture. 

By offering a non-invasive form, such as TENS acupuncture, you can make acupuncture treatment accessible to a much wider range of people. Not sure what we’re talking about? In this blog, we’ll be looking at TENS and laser stimulation in an acupuncture context. 

What is TENS?

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, the application of tiny electrical pulses via electrodes placed on the skin around the affected area. The resulting tingling sensation aims to offer pain relief and is used to treat chronic pain issues as well as discomfort resulting from conditions such as arthritis, sports injuries and neck pain. 

TENS sessions don’t treat pain and instead, the practice is used as a pain management tool. It’s often offered by pain clinics and physiotherapists. As TENS signals are often felt as tingling, this sensation interrupts the pain signal to the brain, allowing the patient temporary relief and, often, a feeling of relaxation. 

What is TENS Acupuncture?

TENS can be used at some acupoints to provide similar results without the use of invasive acupuncture. There are two major benefits to this: firstly, this offers an accessible pain management treatment for patients reluctant to use invasive acupuncture and secondly, patients can be taught how to use an at-home TENS machine, offering pain management without relying on external professionals or healthcare providers. 

TENS isn’t suitable for all acupoints, so training is essential if you want to start offering this in your clinic. 

What is Laser Acupuncture?

Laser acupuncture is another non-invasive form that uses pulsed light to stimulate acupoints, providing relief from chronic pain. Like TENS, the benefit of laser acupuncture is a non-damaging form of pain relief that is available cheaply, quickly and without risk of infection. It also doesn’t require disposable materials, as needle acupuncture does, allowing it to save clinic costs and waste. 

The light is pulsed at a low intensity and the wavelength is chosen depending on the depth required. Ref or infra-red, for instance, penetrates more deeply than green light. As a result, some training is needed before you start offering this service, although it’s not difficult to become very competent at.

Equipment for Non-Invasive Acupuncture

You can buy TENS acupuncture machines and laser stimulation machines separately or combined. Devices have adjustable settings, allowing you to cater to different patients and body areas, as well as some auto features, such as distance detection. 

We offer the Pointer Pulse, a fantastic two-in-one device which allows you to perform laser stimulation as well as TENS. This machine is a cost-effective way of offering non-invasive acupuncture and pain relief treatments, without needing to invest in multiple devices. 

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