How You Can Use Personal Protection Equipment and Sanitisers

It’s clear – the pandemic isn’t going anywhere. No matter what the current situation is, there are steps that each and every one of us can take though, in both our personal and professional lives. These steps help reduce the risk to ourselves and to others. It’s not just Covid-19 that gets stopped by good hygiene practices either – when was the last time you had a cold?

In this blog, we’ll take a look at various types of Personal Protective Equipment as well as sanitizers, so you know which to use and why.

There’s nothing new about PPE

Personal protective equipment (PPE) has been used across many industries for decades. Workers on construction sites wear hard hats, gloves, safety glasses and even masks sometimes. Factory workers, medical professionals and chefs all wear PPE. Even supermarket warehouse staff can often be seen wearing thick gloves.

The fact is, a vast amount of people wear PPE – in some form – as a completely normal part of their work.

Covid-19 related PPE might’ve come as a surprise to us because nobody signed up for it, but the reality is, PPE just takes some getting used to.

What PPE do you need?

While advice is constantly changing and being updated, there are a few PPE and hygiene products that are important lines of defence. We have a fantastic range of these for sale to the public as well as to professionals.

Face Masks and Coverings

Currently mandatory in a wide variety of settings throughout the UK, face masks and coverings have been shown to be effective in reducing the risk of Covid-19 transmission to both the wearer and others.

Even basic face coverings and masks can reduce the risk of virus transmission by limiting the droplets exhaled or sneezed out. No, these masks don’t eliminate the risk entirely, but by blocking most of those particles, we can each work to keep those around us safer.

Masks are particularly useful because Covid-19 appears to be transmitted even by asymptomatic people – those who show no symptoms and are unaware they have it.

You can read about the differences between face masks and coverings on our blog and check out our face products on our sister site, Meridius. We’re proud to stock an essential range of face masks and coverings.

Face Shields and Visors

Face shields are no substitute for a mask, however, they can offer additional protection. By protecting the eyes and discouraging you from touching your face, virus particles in the air and on your hands stand less of a chance of getting where they shouldn’t.

For those who don’t wear masks – for example, those in their place of work or who can’t for health reasons – wearing a face shield may reduce exposure to the virus while making the wearer still feel comfortable.

Face shields are most effective when used in conjunction with a face mask – a combination particularly favoured by those in any high-risk setting or those in a high-risk category.

Over at Meridius, we stock a comfortable, professional face shield with an adjustable fit.

Disposable gloves

We all (hopefully) know by now that clean hands reduce the risk of virus transmission – there’s a reason why our parents pestered us to wash our hands when we were children! While wearing gloves doesn’t preclude handwashing, they can be an essential form of PPE in many situations.

It goes without saying that disposable gloves are used widely in the medical profession, where it’s vital that all germ and virus transmission is kept as low as physically possible. But many people are finding that using gloves in jobs that don’t ordinarily require them can help reduce the risk and make them and their clients feel better.

Disposable gloves protect your hands from harsh substances and can help avoid any sensitivity caused by hand sanitisers. It’s important to dispose of them properly and only use them once.

At Meridius we sell high-quality disposable gloves with easy rollback cuffs and a comfortable, ergonomic shape. You can choose your size from small, medium and large, to ensure you get the right gloves for you.

Hand Sanitiser

Given the amount of hand sanitiser in the doorways to every shop, it can be easy to think that dousing our hands in alcohol solution every five minutes will slow the spread of Covid-19 alone. Hand sanitiser absolutely does have a role to play, as long as it’s used correctly and in combination with other precautions and PPE.

You can read all about types of hand sanitiser on our blog, as well as when washing your hands with plain old soap and water is better.

A good hand sanitiser contains a high proportion of alcohol, around 60 or 70%. Always buy from a responsible seller though, as the chemicals in sanitisers are harsh and must be made in a way that doesn’t cause skin irritation. Sanitisers aren’t to be used instead of handwashing and, instead, are to be used in combination or when it’s impossible to wash your hands.

We sell 70% alcohol hand sanitiser.

Let’s all play our part and embrace PPE

In both personal and professional situations, PPE plays a huge role in reducing the risk of transmitting Covid-19 and other contagions. When we all play our part and use it correctly, we’re helping protect ourselves and other people.

Here at Meridius, we stock a range of PPE and sanitisers for purchase by professionals and members of the public. Get in touch with us and ensure you’ve got the right PPE for you.